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We are an established name in the market with a renowned as a leading Manufacturer of Milled Sucrose sugar in Gujarat Milled Sucrose sugar is compressible sucrose that can be used in tablet-making in the pharmaceutical industry. Sucrose is simply the chemical name for sugar, the simple carbohydrate we know and love that is produced naturally in all plants, including fruits, vegetables and even nuts. Sucrose is a disaccharide made of glucose and fructose. It's commonly known as “table sugar” but it can be found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and nuts. However, it's also produced commercially from sugar cane and sugar beets through a refinement process. Fully refined sugar is 99.9% sucrose, thus providing only carbohydrate as dietary nutrient and 390 kilocalories per 100 g serving (USDA data, right table).

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Refined sugar was a luxury before the 18th century. It became widely popular in the 18th century, then graduated to becoming a necessary food in the 19th century. This evolution of taste and demand for sugar as an essential food ingredient unleashed major economic and social changes. Eventually, table sugar became sufficiently cheap and common enough to influence standard cuisine and flavoured drinks.

Sucrose forms a major element in confectionery and desserts. Cooks use it for sweetening. It can also act as a food preservative when used in sufficient concentrations. Sucrose is important to the structure of many foods, including biscuits and cookies, cakes and pies, candy, and ice cream and sorbets. It is a common ingredient in many processed and so-called "junk foods".

Comes from sugar cane or sugar beet, which is still a naturally grown plant, but the sugars are extracted from the stalks of the sugar cane or the center of the beets to form sucrose, which is a combination of dextrose, fructose and glucose.

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