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Organic Jaggery Powder Manufacturer

Dhanraj Sugar – A renowned Organic Jaggery Powder Manufacturer,Supplier & Exporters

Dhanraj Sugar offers jaggery in various forms like liquid, granules, block, cubes, or powder, so pick directly from the manufacturer as per your requirements. Now you can enjoy your favourite cup of beverage without feeling guilty about consuming refined sugar. Making healthier choices is the need of the hour, and with countless options at your disposal, it is easy to choose this natural sweetener online from India’s Top Organic Jaggery Powder manufacturer, Dhanraj Sugar Must try spiced jaggery powders by Dhanraj Sugar, including ginger, black pepper, chai masala and turmeric jaggery powders.

Jaggery is a quintessential ingredient for making most of the Indian festive sweets. Since jaggery (gur) was available only in winter time, but the demand was year-round, Dhanraj Sugar found a way to keep the customers happy by making this product! Our Jaggery Powder is available year-round, is easy to handle, mess-free, and finds an easy way to slip into all traditional recipes! It doesn't undergo any harsh chemical processing or refinement and is unbleached, so it remains its natural colour. Do not add jaggery or jaggery powder to boiling milk, it will coagulate.

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Organic/ Natural Jaggery Powder Supplier in india

Organic Jaggery Powder Manufacturer & Supplier in surendranagar.This certified organic evaporated sugarcane juice, i.e. Pure Desi Shakkar/ Natural Jaggery Powder, by Dhanraj Sugar is made from finest quality, naturally sun-riped nutritious sugarcane in an FSSAI approved facility! This wholesome sugar is truly a sweet superfood! Dhanraj Sugar has complete farm to folk traceability. Jaggery Powder, certified organic, is processed with at most care without any chemicals/ fertilizers/ clarificants or pesticides. Brown colour and soft texture is derived from evaporation of sugarcane juice resulting in yellow to dark brown shakkar.

Because of simple processing jaggery powder retains minerals, Micronutrients and vitamins, so recommended for centuries as sweetener for healthy living. Jaggery is a good source iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. It helps in digestion and maintains the body’s electrolyte balance. It's a good immunity booster and and it helps to keep the lungs clear of toxins.

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